Megan Ondrizek, B.S.C. ’08

Megan Ondrizek

I can remember my first day at the University of Miami as if it was yesterday. As a commuter student with an 8 a.m. Math 101 class, I woke up before dawn and arrived on campus before 7:30 a.m. In an effort to kill time and calm my “first day of school” jitters, I walked to the Food Court to buy myself a coffee. In the fall of 2004, there was a great little kiosk in the Food Court that brewed Starbucks lattes. That latte accompanied me to my first class, and my own UM tradition was born.

It became my ritual — my latte before 8 a.m. class. Later on my morning ritual turned into café con leche y tostada from the Storm Surge Cafe. At a school that is so steeped in traditions, it was almost second nature to develop some of my own. And of course there were friends I would share that morning ritual with…mostly fellow members of the Federacion de Estudiantes Cubanos (FEC — or Federation of Cuban Students). We had a lot of traditions in that organization as well, and I am so glad that I became part of such a tight-knit group. Every minute of my time at UM fills me with such great memories. It is nearly impossible to condense them into one story.

One of the greatest UM traditions I took part in was Commencement. I walked across that stage on May 9, 2008 — my 22nd birthday. And in doing so, I joined a distinguished group of people who also bleed orange and green. I am proud to call myself a Hurricane Alumna.

Megan Ondrizek, B.S.C. ’08
School of Communication
Major: Journalism

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