Angela Smith, B.B.A. ’98

< blockquote>Marine science was the driving force that brought Angela from Indiana to the University of Miami. However, it was a chance meeting with Dean Foley that set her on her course to follow a business career, embrace marketing and eventually land an internship and ultimately a job with the Florida Marlins. She was a natural for the position as she coupled her passion for sports with her desire to help people while providing service to the community. As Community Outreach and Player Relations Manager, hear how Angela brings her enthusiasm to work every day by engaging in special projects whether local or international. Such inspirational initiatives as Team Marlins Ayudan, RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities), just to name a few, help to support her deep commitment to community service, but it was the work The Marlins did ( Homes for the Poor – Inspiration Village) after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti that she considers her defining moment.

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