Sharon Langer, B.Ed. ’69, J.D. ’79

Ever the proud Hurricane, Sharon reflects on her journey from her early days at UM as an education major, to her career shift to go to law school and become an attorney. A defining moment at the U emphasized some of the inequities that still existed in our society and propelled her to strive to right those wrongs. Never one to shrink from a challenge, her days at UM primed her for the groundbreaking, leadership roles she has continued in her professional career as Director of Legal Aid, a founding member of Casa Valentina and as Director of Development for DIG, Inc., a non-profit law firm defending the rights of people with disabilities. She is the champion of the marginalized, always envisioning how to change what is unfair and essentially focusing on “leveling the playing field”. Sharon never met a challenge that she has not confronted head on….hear her story and be inspired!

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